Drug Dependency Treatment In Shaker Heights And Euclid

Alliant is Cleveland’s behavioral health headquarters. Based in Shaker Heights, and Euclid, our drug recovery treatment centers focus on a wide variety of chemical dependency.


We Provide Health Services when and where you need it.

Alliant understands the complexity of Substance Use Disorder (SUD) and Mental Health Disorders. We do recognize the need for comprehensive, evidence-based interventions. 

We are aware that the treatment of co-occurring (SUD/MH) disorders involves a comprehensive approach that focuses on the individual and provides them with flexibility, thoroughness, dignity, and respect. We offer individualized treatment plans that meet each client’s mental health and medical needs; provided by caring team of clinicians and professionals.


We also provide a variety of holistic therapy options including gym activities, exercise, art therapy and music therapy, and gardening.


Our Cleveland facility is located on a beautiful six-acre campus with nice scenery in Cleveland. In the facility, clients are removed from different distractions so they can focus on their recovery.

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Behavioral Healthcare Services


Alliant provides psychiatric services and psychotherapy to both outpatients and outpatients with supportive housing as we realize that addiction goes hand in hand…

You are not alone when dealing with mental health. We at Alliant offer individual counseling in mental health & SUD with our counselors supporting all individual treatment goals.

Addiction is a troubling brain disease for those who are stuck in the cycle of it and can be equally stressing for fatressing for family members and friends.

Courts may order addiction treatment when someone is in the criminal justice system. If the person has been accused of a nonviolent crime and the judge feels..

Alliant provides Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) to help clients in their recovery. MAT is an evidence-based method of treatment that uses medical interventions..

Alliant offers all of our outpatients who currently do not have living arrangements, have no current employment, or are struggling with issues with food, shelter, clothing…

Substance abuse treatment provides a conducive environment for treating addictions, managing the effects of medication, and dealing with withdrawal symptom..

Alliant has a Mobile Outreach Vehicle that serves individuals in the hard-to-reach communities where people may not easily access mental health..

Telehealth, which is sometimes called telemedicine, allows your health care provider offer care to you without being in-person at the doctor’s office during visit..

Case management in addiction recovery involves coordinating services and resources to meet the personalized needs of each client. Case management may involve…

A Peer Support Specialists individuals who have recovered from their addiction and have completed advanced training and certification in peer support…

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Opioid Addiction

Our Opioid Addiction program offers a comprehensive and personalized approach, utilizing both medication-assisted treatments and evidence-based therapies, to address the unique challenges and complexities of opioid dependence.

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Chemical Dependence

Our Chemical Dependence service provides a holistic treatment plan, encompassing a range of therapies from behavioral counseling to medical intervention, tailored to combat addiction to various substances.

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Alcohol Addiction

Focused on holistic recovery, our Alcohol Addiction treatment combines individualized counseling, group therapy, and relapse prevention strategies to empower clients towards sustainable sobriety and wellness.

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Intake Hours: Mon. to Fri. 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

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How to Access Our Services

1. Call Us

Give us a call at (216) 554-4211 or (216) 417-6166, and ask to speak with our Intake Team.

2. Screening

The Intake Coordinator will take the basic demographic and background information. Medical information may also be requested, where necessary.

3. Insurance Verification and Eligibility

The Intake Coordinator will confirm the treatment will be funded.

Alliant accepts most Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurances, as well as private pay.

4. Screening

As part of the initial process, a counselor or an addiction treatment professional will meet with you for an initial assessment to collect essential information required to provide appropriate care.

Mental Health & Psychiatric Treatment

Alliant is committed to helping clients overcome mental health disorders through individualized evidence-based care. We recognize that mental health issues require specialized attention and we have clinicians who are experienced in providing needed treatment. We offer pathways to healing using a multidisciplinary team approach, in combination with evidence-based interventions and medication assisted treatment.

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Testimonials from Our Clients

Anthony Killion
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I have to give God all the thanks on this one. He put me in the right place around the right people. For this I am forever grateful to Alliant my life has meaning today. I must say staying the course trusting the process, because the love I was shown I am a new man today. I am working i've started my own business and sky is the limit. Alliant showed me recovery, recovery showed me God. God is showing me his power thank u God for Alliant.
Quentin Mccannelley
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Alliant is a wonderful program with great staff that will help you if your serious about your recovery. They helped me develop coping skills while, identifying my triggers and past Trauma Recommend this place to anybody looking to truly change there lifestyle
Rhoulac Scott
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I love Alliant Treatment Center they saved my life and got me back clean and sober. The staff treated me with kindness and respect and made me feel comfortable. I would recommend this center to any one who is serious about recovery.
Elizabeth Sanchez
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I have been with Alliant since they opened three and a half years ago. I got clean cause I took what a needed from the meeting every week and made the decision to get clean . Thank you Alliant for all of the help . I never had to go to the houses I thank God cause I see the reviews, I did it while in my home.


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Why Choose Alliant?

Alliant is a Cleveland based behavioral health company, centrally located in Shaker Heights. We aim to provide the highest level of behavioral and mental health treatment in addition to addiction services by consistently providing effective clinical care and offering psychotherapy services. Our goal is to provide each client with an individualized, quality and evidence-based substance abuse treatment plan as well as supportive residence, recovery and mental health resources and supportive, compassionate care that can lead to recovery and mental wellness.


Alliant offers comprehensive service provided by an interdisciplinary team of certified clinicians and staff that include physicians, psychiatrists, nurses, social workers, licensed counselors, case managers, and peer recovery specialists.