Drug Dependency Treatment In Shaker Heights And Euclid

Alliant is Cleveland’s behavioral health headquarters. Based in Shaker Heights, and Euclid, our drug recovery treatment centers focus on a wide variety of chemical dependency treatment options in an outpatient setting with or without supportive housing. We work with individuals who are dealing with both drug and alcohol addiction and are seeking treatment or have been court ordered to seek drug or alcohol recovery. With medication assisted treatment options and an excellent indigent drug treatment program, Alliant should be your first option for recovery treatment services. Our alcohol or drug rehab treatment services are in an outpatient setting and include a variety of therapy methods such as:
– Individual therapy, where you can work on personal healing and resolution of specific issues.
– Group therapy, where you can learn from the journeys of others and practice new coping mechanisms
– Recreational therapy, which offers an outlet for stress and helps you develop new habits and ways of coping that don’t include substance abuse

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How the Intake Process Works

The intake process covers a comprehensive biopsychosocial history and laboratory assessment of the client and is followed by an client-centered individualized treatment plan developed by an Ohio Licensed clinician.

The Beginning of the Recovery Process

The initial step in the recovery process begins with a call to our office to schedule an intake appointment. We also accept walk-in assessments at our convenient location in Shaker Heights.

How We Do It

Our interdisciplinary care team meets regularly to review clinical benchmarks and client response to care. Our clients are co-authors of the individualized plan which holistically addresses the factors that led to treatment.

Treatment Process

Our evidence-based approach focuses on treatment outcomes that consider the addictive substance, biomedical conditions/complications, emotional, behavioral and cognitive conditions, readiness for change, relapse potential and recovery/living environment.

court mandated vivitrol for addiction recovery

Court-Ordered Substance Abuse Treatment Near Cleveland, OH

Courts may order addiction treatment for one of two major reasons. First, in very specific cases, someone may petition the court to issue an order for involuntary admission of a loved one for addiction treatment. This usually requires the family to prove that the person struggling with addiction is no longer able to make a reasonable decision on their own and may be putting themselves or others in danger due to drug or alcohol abuse.

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Who We Are

At Alliant, we offer caring, professional addiction treatment options that help you break the cycle of substance abuse and seek a sober lifestyle. Whether you’re ready to admit you need help and voluntarily seek treatment or you’ve been ordered by a court to participate in rehab, our experienced, licensed staff and proven processes give you a leg up when it comes to recovery. Call us today to find out more about taking the next step to a more stable, positive life.

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    Alliant Treatment Centers helped my family through the the worst times of our lives, for that I am grateful. Alliant Treatment Center works, don't let your family suffer Call them today!
    Paula Davis
    Thankful Client
  • 5
    Alliant Treatment Center helped me get my life back together! The struggle is real and Alliant Treatment Center has trained staff and knowledge to get anyone help! Alliant Treatment Center worked for me! Thank you.
    Drew Ward
    Recovering Opioid Addict
  • 5
    They gave me back my life.
    Hiro Levy
    Ex-Substance Abuser
  • 5
    Everyday I get stronger, and I owe all of that to Alliant Treatment Centers.
    Sue Miller
    Recovering Alcoholic

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