Recovery from mental conditions and addictions starts with the desire to recover, followed by the quest for the best facility, environment, and professionals with a comprehensive range of services to provide holistic care. The cost of rehabilitation depends on the extent of treatment and the duration of the care period.



At Alliant, we provide a full range and continuum of addiction care. A client’s journey to recovery is unique and begins with an assessment. Proper assessment by clinicians and diagnostic impressions are vital to determine the severity of the client’s condition.  




The basic requirement for admission to both the Men’s and Women’s program at Alliant is the individual’s willingness to work on their addiction and mental health issues.


Our admission phone number is (216) 417-6166



When you call, please have your insurance information ready with you. If you are leaving a message, please include a return number where we can reach you.

When speaking with admissions staff, you will participate in an initial screening interview, at which time you will be asked to provide some information:


  • Regarding previous admissions to any mental health and addition programs
  • The last time you used alcohol or drugs

Upon admission, a clinical staff will schedule and conduct a comprehensive assessment and together with client create an individualized treatment plan.