Group Counseling

Case Management

Case management in addiction recovery involves coordinating services and resources to meet the personalized needs of each client. Case management may involve linking clients with important resources such as clinicians, healthcare providers, mental health professionals, employment services, housing assistance, and other vital social services.

The role of case managers resembles the function of the hub of a wheel, as they make sure that personalized and appropriate care is provided to the client. Alliant’s case managers carefully coordinate all aspects of a client’s care as they work closely with clients to assess their needs, develop personalized treatment plans, and monitor progress throughout the recovery process. They also provide wraparound services including social supports including permanent housing, organizing interventions, assisting in scheduling appointments, and enabling clients to conform to their treatment plan.

At Alliant, our comprehensive case management program provides personalized support, resources, and guidance during addiction treatment. People who have overcome addiction can attest that recovering individuals need other people to help during the journey towards recovery.