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Court-Ordered Abuse Treatment

Drug and alcohol addiction may cause individuals to commit crimes while they are under the influence of different substances or the desire to obtain things to sustain their habit.  

Individuals with a substance use disorder (SUD) or alcohol use disorder (AUD) sometimes find themselves in legal trouble, when their drug or alcohol abuse leads to illegal actions, which can lead to court-ordered treatment or court-mandated therapy through the criminal justice system. Court-ordered rehabilitation is used as an effective form of alternative sentencing. In recent time, addiction and substance abuse are perceived as healthcare issue and treated with rehabilitation rather than incarceration.

Drug courts handle individuals with SUDs exclusively and offer them the option of long-term treatment instead of sending them to serve prison time. Individuals in the drug court program complete the prescribed rehabilitation program and progress to embrace changes in their lifestyle.

Alliant works with the Courts to provide the needed rehabilitation services. Alliant is on the approved list of providers and our staff are willing to work with clients to meet the requirements of a court-ordered treatment.

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