Outreach Van

Alliant has a Mobile Outreach Vehicle (MOV) that serves individuals in the hard-to-reach communities where people may not easily access mental health and addiction help, traditional health care, and available social services, due to different hindrances such as lack of transportation, mental illness, addictions, unstable housing and homelessness, and Substance Use Disorders (SUDs). Issues such as stigma and lack of trust may also hinder those with SUD from seeking out services. One way to serve those hard-to-reach populations is through community outreach using Mobile Outreach Vehicles (MOVs).

In going to meet people where they are, community outreach activities with the outreach van helps to gain the trust of people that need help most, gain credibility and acceptance in the community and provide people with harm reduction assistance. The MOV has become familiar to people by becoming a recognizable presence in a community and has helped to gain credibility with the community in high-risk neighborhoods. The MOV serves multiple neighborhoods and travels to targeted areas in the community.

The van provides treatment referrals, harm reduction supplies, food, educational resources, basic wellness and hygiene supplies, and access to a Counselor.

To donate or to reach out for help, please call us at (216) 554-4211 or (216) 417-6166.