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Peer Support

A Peer Support Specialists individuals who have recovered from their addiction and have completed advanced training and certification in peer support. The Peer Support Specialists complete comprehensive training on how to use their past experiences to guide others toward recovery. They play an important role on the road to recovery as they have been where those still recovering have been and can help them advance and achieve the desired recovery. They accomplish their goals through shared mutual understanding, respect, and enablement. In their roles, Peer Support Specialists can effectively expand the reach of treatment past the services offered in clinical settings and to the daily situations of clients in the recovery process.

Alliant’s Peer Support Specialists act as a recovery and empowerment facilitator, connecting our clients to the recovering community, managing the recovery process, and supporting the recovering individual’s recovery- leaning choices, goals, and decisions.

Providing a connection with someone who understands what they are going through can be an essential part of recovery.