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Telehealth, which is sometimes called telemedicine, allows your health care provider offer care to you without being in-person at the doctor’s office during visit. Telehealth is provided online with internet access on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Telehealth offers a safe and convenient method of receiving behavioral health care in the comfort of your home. With Telehealth, you are be able to attend appointments without needing childcare, transportation, waiting at the doctor’s office, or taking time off work.

Telehealth also provides a secure and effective way to connect with therapists. Patients can join the calls from anywhere with a secure internet connection. It is recommended that clients choose a secure quiet location that offers privacy and which offers reliable internet connection. A conducive environment can enable the client to be open and honest to their psychiatric healthcare provider.

Prepare for your visit by finding a quiet private place with a reliable internet connection. Make sure you feel safe so that you can be honest and open with your behavioral health care provider.

Alliant team of Psychiatrist, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners and Counselors offer clients the option of Telehealth.

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